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Meet the Women of PWB: Gina Lodge

The AHBA Professional Women in Building Council is working to expand Alaska’s construction labor force by encouraging women to enter the industry. PWB is led by some of the most talented women in the industry like Spinell Homes’ Residential Designer Gina Lodge.

Lodge is the first to admit she was not meant for a career in customer service or personal care. Lodge discovered she had a knack for drafting in high school and with the encouragement of a teacher, she took her talent and turned it into a successful career at Spinell Homes.

Lodge is hoping PWB will encourage other women to explore nonconventional career opportunities, and give them the tools to succeed as they move through their careers. Throughout her career, Lodge has seen the profession evolve because of technology and trends. She went from sketching house plans on paper to full integration on computers. In today’s homebuilding industry she says customers expect custom on every new home. With the help of Lodge, clients can now build homes that fit their family.

PWB will help women currently in the industry, and women entering the industry, keep up with these trends through networking, education, advocacy and continuing education opportunities. As part of the nationwide organization, PWB members also have access to various publications, awards, scholarships, seminars and programs.

The cost to become a member is $75 per year ($50 to NAHB and $25 to fund events at the local level).

For more information call AHBA at (907) 522-3605.

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