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As an AHBA member, you're a part of something bigger: your voice is amplified when it comes to issues affecting the homebuilding industry on a local, state and national level. AHBA members are working closely with government and elected officials to defeat excessive regulations and protect your business. Get involved educating policymakers, building successful coalitions and mobilizing grassroots efforts on a range of issues.

On a monthly basis, the Builders Council meets to discuss codes and regulatory issues, land development and municipal elections followed by a Building Safety meeting with the Economic Development & Community Director of the Municipality of Anchorage. AHBA members work hard to ensure pro-housing and pro-business candidates are elected to office. Builders raise funds for the Build-PAC account in turn contributing said funds to the best candidate for the job. In addition to local advocacy, AHBA members attend lobbying events and meetings with elected officials in Washington, D.C. and Juneau. You always have someone in your corner!



Below are PDFs of the 2023 legislative priorities for AHBA, ASHBA, NAHB.



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