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In 1959, the National Association of Home Builders formed Home Builders Association of Alaska, Inc. to represent Alaska’s home building industry. The Association represented all of Alaska but by the 1970’s, the booming economic climate necessitated multiple organizations. Alaska’s oil pipeline dramatically increased the need for new residential and commercial construction throughout the entire state, especially in Anchorage. In 1977, the Home Builders Association of Alaska became the Builders Association of Anchorage, and a separate statewide organization was created. The Anchorage-based organization underwent an additional name change before becoming the Anchorage Home Builders Association (AHBA) in 1994.


In the organization’s early years, meetings were mostly held in homes. AHBA moved into its first office in the late 1970’s, expanding to include an executive officer and staff members. However, Alaska’s economic meltdown in the 1980’s hit the organization hard, resulting in significant loss of membership and staff. A decade later, a rebounding economy helped rebuild membership and allowed the Association to increase its political presence.

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