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Companies pay thousands to top internet search engines. They hire marketing professionals to create strategies to put their business in front of the right consumers. But sometimes all it takes to build a successful business are happy customers.

“Most of my referrals come from word of mouth through past customers or friends,” said Eric Trevithick, owner and operator at Trevi Builders in Anchorage, Alaska. “Alaska is a s

mall state and Anchorage is a small community. People generally come to me because of a past experience someone else had and so they recommended Trevi Builders.”

Trevi Builders is built on a foundation of personal relationships. Trevithick founded the company in 2010, after years of project management in the commercial construction industry. Owning a custom homebuilding business wasn’t always the plan but Trevithick’s work was too good to go unnoticed. “I started building homes mostly for family members as a side business,”

Trevithick said. “But people would hear about or see the homes and request I build one for them too. It started becoming too much and so I decided to make it my full-time job.”

Through stellar craftsmanship, personal customization and contemporary design, Trevi Builders aims to build modern homes for consumers looking for some- thing unique that tells their story. Trevi Builders fits a need in the Anchorage mar- ket. The company builds high-end, highly customizable homes but they also offer a wide variety of high-end floor plans.

Trevi Builders is growing but the company is facing the same challenges as the rest of the homebuilding industry. Demand for new homes and custom renovations went up during the pandemic but the unexpected boom created a labor and materials shortage.

“We like what we do, even though it’s been extremely challenging lately,” Trevithick said. “But we’re bracing through the challenges of the current climate.”

Trevi Builders has built homes in Anchorage, Girdwood, Eagle River, the Mat-Su Valley and Homer. The company’s size makes it possible for Trevithick to be heavily involved in every build.

“I like the design and overall project management of seeing jobs through,” Trevithick said. “There are always difficulties in the building process, but we have a good enough process in place that it’s an enjoyable experience. People are pleased and so that pass that onto others.”

The personal attention, personalized experience and quality of work create happy homeowners. And these happy homeowners can’t help but tell their friends about life in a Trevi home.


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