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Build Your Next Superstar Employee with Workforce Development

The construction industry is facing a labor shortage but even when unemployment numbers are high, finding qualified employees is tough. It’s up to businesses to build the workforce they want. Workforce development is an opportunity to create and cultivate a talented workforce. This type of career development should start long before job openings are posted, it should start in the classroom.

The Anchorage School District is committed to helping students find their passion and get on the path to a successful and lucrative career. ASD’s Career Technical Education courses create rigorous, career-focused pathways that lead students to career success. CTE pathways provide students with in-depth introductions to important career fields in Alaska. Students then go on to earn the appropriate certifications, apprenticeships, internships and post-secondary education.

ASD partners with industry leaders to create CTE courses. Industry pros help keep curriculum and teachers focused and up to date on industry trends. High schools across Anchorage are making an effort to bring in more Type M teachers, professionals turned educators, to lead these courses. Educators who previously worked in different industries bring passion, knowledge and experience to the classroom. These educators provide important guidance for students and better equip them to enter the workforce after graduation.

Working with the Anchorage Home Builders Association, ASD adopted HBI PACT Curriculum for its construction courses. This curriculum was created by the National Home Builders Association and provides pre-apprenticeship certification training. These construction courses are offered at East, Service and Bartlett High Schools. About 400 students went through the course last year.

Even with the right curriculum and educators in place, students also need exposure to working professionals. ASD aims to have at least one professional visit the classroom every month. These classroom visits help educate and inspire students through real life experiences. They’re also very helpful to teachers because it’s an opportunity for students to get answers to questions the educator might not know.

For more information about ASD’s CTE courses contact Anne Adasiak-Andrew at

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