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New General Liability Exclusively for AHBA Members

Alaskans pay a big price tag to live in the biggest state. Fresh fruit will cost you, heating your home is expensive and when it comes to insurance rates, that’s probably not a topic you want to discuss at the dinner table. However, for once Alaskans are going to catch a break for living and working in the Last Frontier. The Anchorage Home Builders Association released its General Liability Insurance program earlier this year. The program is for members of AHBA. It promises to lower the cost of insurance for building contractors, subcontractors and associate members who qualify.

“The idea of the program is to create stability for the Alaska homebuilding and construction trade,” said Eric Parthemer, the program’s insurance broker. “We created a program that won’t be influenced by the Lower 48 for coverage and claims.”

Parthemer says it’s about giving Alaskans an insurance rate that reflects their value and work ethic. “Alaskans put the name of their company on their door and they live in the community where they work,” said Parthemer. “They don’t have the same issues from an insurance standpoint that they do in the Lower 48.”

The General Liability Insurance program is based on another, successful program. That program had less than five percent losses for Alaskans. That’s in opposition to in the Lower 48 where losses often exceed premiums. There’s no requirement for the number of employees and the program is rated on gross receipts not payroll. “It’s for the benefit of Alaska builders,” Parthemer said. “Right now rates are going to be competitive, but eventually they should lower. They should drop substantially as we gain experience as a program.”

While rates might not be the lowest right now, Parthemer expects them to drop substantially rather quickly. “The more people that join, the stronger it gets and the quicker the rates will drop,” Parthemer said. When members signup they become minority stockholders in the program.

To get a quote or for more information about the program call Parthemer at (800) 347-8774 or email him at

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