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Meet the Women of PWB: Tami Taylor

“That’s a Tami Taylor house!” – When Tami Taylor saw that comment on Facebook posted underneath a video of one of her homes, she knew she’d made her mark on the Anchorage housing market. And now she’s hoping to inspire other women to make their mark in the construction industry. She joined the AHBA Professional Women in Building Council because she believes it’s important to have women in the homebuilding industry.

PWB is the voice of professional women in the building industry. The organization strives to enhance the opportunities and professionalism of women in the industry. PWB will educate and advocate to members, students and individuals who plan to enter the construction trades.

Taylor loves the industry and she does it all; she designs, decorates and sells houses. She currently co-owns Colony Builders with her husband. She also leads the professional design team at One of a Kind Design, and award-winning interior design company.

The cost to become a member is $75 per year ($50 to NAHB and $25 to fund events at the local level).

For more information call AHBA at (907) 522-3605.

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