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Building a Better Anchorage: Condos and Multi-Family Housing Create Opportunities

By: Ashley Plooy, Owner Brick & Birch Homes

Anchorage is facing a severe housing shortage and it’s affecting everyone’s quality of life. As the population grows, housing can’t keep up with the demand. This has led to skyrocketing prices and limited options for potential homeowners. To tackle this crisis, the city needs to create more housing options by prioritizing the construction of condos and multi-family buildings.

Population Growth and Housing Demand Anchorage is a great place to live. The city has a strong job market, a spectacular landscape and a desirable lifestyle. You can take a world-class hike after work and follow it up with some amazing local cuisine. However, this growing population has put tremendous pressure on the housing market. As more people seek to call Anchorage home, the lack of housing options has resulted in increased competition, bidding wars and rising property prices.

Condos: A Viable and Affordable Solution Anchorage needs more condos. Unlike single-family homes, condos provide an opportunity for homeownership at a much more affordable price point. With condos, residents can enjoy the benefits of ownership, including building equity and stability, without the financial burden of purchasing a standalone house.

Condos are ideal for individuals or families looking for a lower-maintenance lifestyle. The shared responsibility of repairs, amenities and maintenance relieves homeowners of individual burdens, allowing them to focus on work, family and activities outside the home.

Multi-Family Buildings: Meet Diverse Housing Needs Multi-family buildings also play a crucial role in addressing Anchorage's housing availability crisis. These buildings can accommodate a range of housing needs, from smaller apartments for singles and couples, to larger units suitable for families.

By increasing the number of multi-family buildings, we can provide diverse housing options that cater to different income levels and lifestyles. This will not only help alleviate the strain on the housing market but also foster a more inclusive and diverse community, bringing together people from various backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses.

Community Benefits Construction brings economic growth to Anchorage. Construction projects create job opportunities, generate tax revenue and boost the local economy. Increased housing availability will make Anchorage a better place for everyone. When you can afford your mortgage payment, it allows people to spend in other areas like education, health care and their community. The opportunity to become a homeowner also promotes a sense of community ownership. It fosters stronger neighborhood ties and incentivizes people to get involved and give back.

Anchorage's housing crisis demands urgent action. Building more condos and multi-family buildings represents a viable and practical solution. By providing affordable and diverse housing options, we can mitigate the pressure on the housing market, stabilize property prices and improve the overall well-being of Anchorage residents. Government entities, private developers, and community stakeholders must collaborate to address this issue and ensure that Anchorage remains a wonderful place to call home.

Brick & Birch is working hard to help alleviate the stress on our community, be sure to keep an eye out for multi-family projects coming in 2024.


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