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Hultquist Homes: Taking Flight with Firebird Realty and Raven Mortgage

There’s a time and place to learn from your mistakes, and the homebuilding process isn’t one of them. Until you’ve gone through the process, it can be intimidating and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

“We want all of our buyers to be excited about their new home. Our staff truly cares, and enjoys building quality homes,” said Cody Hultquist, vice president and general manager of Hultquist Homes. “Our attention to detail begins at raw ground and ends with finishing touches. We continually stay on top of the changing market trends to provide a home design with amenities that will be enjoyed for many years to come.”

Hultquist Homes has been building high-quality homes for the best possible price for over 40 years, and continues to be family-owned and operated. Dave Hultquist founded the company and today his son Cody leads the team. Cody brings fresh direction through new ideas, technological innovation and modern building practices.

“There are hundreds of variables in the homebuilding process and for decades Hultquist Homes has continually provided quality homes for people and families in Alaska and Washington,” said Cody. “From entry level condominiums to million-dollar customs, buyers have trusted us to build over 4,000 homes.”

The company is not only one of the highest-quality and largest builders in Alaska, but it’s also created a way to streamline the building process for customers. By teaming with Firebird Realty and Raven Mortgage, they have created a better, more efficient process for Alaskans.

“Every person and company must create value for clients in order to be successful,” said Casey Hultquist, the manager of Raven Mortgage. “When a client switches to Raven, it’s because we’ve effectively demonstrated our value by saving money or having a streamlined process. Happy clients make the job very enjoyable.”

Raven Mortgage, Firebird Realty and Hultquist Homes provide homebuilders with a full-service opportunity. The traditional homebuying and homebuilding process is filled with roadblocks. Separate businesses create fragmented and inefficient communication that can hold up the process. Often, the listing agent, buying agent, mortgage lender and builder all require their own paperwork, documentation and process. This can create hold ups and misunderstandings that can stall the process and create costly inefficiencies. This doesn’t happen with the Hultquist team.

“When we work together, the blame game is never a factor,” Casey said. “No one can push a problem onto another party; instead the issue has to be addressed and resolved in house. This ensures the client’s needs are at the forefront.” Instead of worrying about the process, clients get to focus on what matters like picking out finishes and getting excited about building the home of their dreams.

“Whether it’s guiding a first-time homebuyer, helping a family move into a larger forever home, or finding the perfect downsize for the next chapter in a couple’s life, the most enjoyable aspect about working at Firebird Realty is fulfilling that dream,” said Firebird broker and manager Tate Rogers.

In its first year of business, Firebird Realty is on pace to sell over 100 homes for Alaskans from Girdwood to the Mat-Su Valley. The company is also creating an amazing builder program that they will be implementing in the near future. Their goal is to work directly with Alaskan builders to help streamline and improve the homebuilding and buying process to ensure a more seamless experience for everyone.

“This process is constantly evolving as we continue to grow and learn new ways to better satisfy the needs of our partners, as well as, our clients,” Rogers said. “At Firebird Realty, we provide a premium, full-service experience for our customers. Telling someone their home just sold for more than they were expecting, or finding a buyer their dream home, while at the same time saving them thousands of dollars, is exactly why all of us at Firebird enjoy what we do.”

Even when the companies aren’t working together on the same transaction, they’re always working for their clients. “Raven loan originators have no issue recommending a different lender if we can’t offer a certain product or compete on price,” Casey said. “If we can’t compete on price, products or service, we will tell you and make suggestions on who to talk to. Price shopping will only help a client - who is always the priority.”

Doing what’s best for the client means shaking up more industry trends. It’s standard practice to charge 6% commission on the sale price of the home. Firebird Realty charges a maximum of 4%, which results in around $8,000 in savings on the average Anchorage home. “By providing our proven expertise for 2% less commission, without sacrificing what matters most, we are on track to save our clients over $1 million this year alone,” Rogers said.

With their streamlined process and exceptional savings, Hultquist Homes has created a talented team. The company is providing Alaskans with the highest level of quality at the best price, and they routinely win awards for their work. Hultquist Homes has built a well-earned reputation of success and provides its customers with “homes built with value and pride.”

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