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Insurance Tough Enough for Alaskans

What do XTRATUF, Copper River Salmon and Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria have in common? They’re all Alaskan-approved. Alaskans are a notoriously tough bunch to please, so if something carries their stamp of approval, take note.

The Alaska Builders Insurance Program is insurance for Alaskans by Alaskans. Many of your neighbors are already singing its praises. “As a remodeler, good insurance is essential to my business,” said Alan Wilson, Alaska Renovators. “By switching to ABIP I saved 40%, this pays for my Northern Southeast Alaska Building Industry Association membership and so much more.

ABIP is an Alaska-owned general liability insurance program for licensed contractors. It’s

available exclusively to members of an Alaska State Home Building Association. “The program creates stability for the Alaska’s homebuilding and construction industry,” said Eric Parthemer, the program’s insurance broker. “ABIP reflects the work ethic of Alaskans. They don’t have the same issues from an insurance standpoint that they do in the Lower 48.”

Alaskans pay more with nationwide liability insurance carriers because Alaskans have a much lower claim ratio. Over the last 15 years, Alaska contractors have had less than a 3% claim ratio, while other states have as high as a 75% claim ratio.

When Alaska contractors have the same provider it eliminates the question over which insurance is liable, which reduces fighting, a main driver of insurance rates. Contractors should expect rates to drop with ABIP as the program’s premiums and losses are established.

“My old insurance was nothing but headaches and excess expenses, they made me pay for several audits and when I needed their help it was impossible to get answers,” said Scott Allen, Trailboss Solutions. “Since switching to ABIP I have saved 35% on my annual premiums and have had great access and customer service.”

Parthemer has worked with Alaskans for more than 20 years. In 2004, he helped develop the Professional Builders Insurance, which saved some Alaska companies thousands of dollars.

“I’m loyal to Alaska companies but ABIP wouldn’t exist without a broker with the vision and knowledge to help us create this captive,” said Chuck Spinelli, Spinell Homes. “When my insurance went from $50,000 to $250,000 a year, Eric brought it back down.”

Revenue from ABIP also helps your local HBA’s mission of supporting the building industry.

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