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Doing a Remodel? These Unexpected Vendors Can Help.

Sometimes inspiration comes quick. Executing the idea can be trickier. It’s trendy to tackle a remodel by yourself. However, if you’re not a designer or contractor, it isn’t always obvious where to get the right supplies. Plenty of retail chains cater to the do-it-yourself homeowner but some vendors are hiding in plain sight.

“Customers are more aware of our auto replacement,” said Sam Kim, office manager at Speedy Glass in Anchorage. “When they come in for the auto repair/replacement, they see we offer other glass services. This leads people to inquire and keep us in mind for when they do a remodel.”

Speedy Glass offers custom glass showers. The company has bypass showers and doors in one-quarter- inch glass. They also offer custom shower enclosures with three- eighths-inch or half-inch glass.

Speedy Glass experts visit the house once the tile work is complete to measure for the enclosure. “We discuss the style of shower enclosure layout with glass and color options,” Kim said.

Speedy Glass offers several layouts and enclosure types from framed, frameless and semi-frameless. “We are also able to create customized enclosures like doing HD graphic printing on the glass enclosure or wall panel,” Kim said. The customization doesn’t stop at showers. Speedy Glass also offers tabletops, cabinet glass, picture frames, glass partition walls, mirrors and more.

A custom shower makes a statement but sometimes a homeowner is looking for the tools to make their creation come to life. 3M is known for its bulk office supplies like Post-it notes and Scotch tape, but the company also sells home improvement supplies.

3M carries close to 200 different types of hanging solutions. If it belongs on the wall, 3M will get it there. This includes hooks in all sizes, colors, shapes and weights. They also have every option you can think of to hang frames. And even for more obscure objects like scarf racks and hand towel hangers. The company also carries fancy air filters that not only improve air filtration in the home, but make it smell good as well.

If you’re looking for inspiration or need help finding out how to bring your idea to life, get in touch with the Anchorage Home Builders Association. AHBA can put you in touch with vendors and contractors. Give us a call today (907) 522-3605.

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