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Advocating for Alaskans: How Colony Builders’ Bill Taylor Cares for His Community

Anchorage is home to nearly 300,000 people but how many leave a lasting mark? Bill Taylor, owner of Colony Builders, has been making an impact for almost four decades. His contributions can be seen throughout the Anchorage landscape and in the fabric of Alaska’s building regulations. Bill’s building career began in 1981. Handing Alaskans the keys to their dream home is a feeling that never gets old for Bill and a practice he’s spent his career trying to perfect.

He’s a former president of the AHBA and has been a member for over 29 years. “I believe in AHBA’s mission of providing affordable housing for Anchorage residents,” Bill said. “We’re in a constant battle, trying to provide affordability, especially because roughly 30% of the cost of building a house is directly attributed to government red tape and bureaucracy.”

Bill has a long history of advocating for what’s best for the industry and homeowners. When the city reviewers were taking too long to review plans, Bill and the AHBA drove the efforts in enacting legislation that allows third party review, which permits qualified people to review plans as another option to the city.

Bill’s passion for homebuilding is showcased through his work at Colony Builders. “We work with the customer to create a home that meets whatever unique needs they have,” Bill said. For semi-custom homes, the company has a portfolio of plans to choose from that can be modified to fit the buyer’s dream. Although, Colony Builders truly shines when asked to build a custom home. In recent years they’ve included storefront windows, butterfly soaking tubs, panoramic views, barn doors, glu-lam staircases with open risers and more.

Bill can’t take all the credit, however, especially when it comes to interiors. “We have a successful partnership at home and on the home-build sites,” Bill said about his wife, Tami. “I put the houses together and Tami makes them beautiful.” Tami Taylor is a relator and the owner of the interior design firm, One of a Kind Design. Tami works closely with homeowners to realize their dream interiors. “Tami knows how to help homeowners make all of the selections for carpet, cabinets and countertops,” said Bill. “She’s great at what she does and the homeowners are always very happy. Our teamwork creates beautiful homes.”

Bill and Tami pour over every detail, and their dedication shows. They have a five-page quality control checklist that’s completed before closing. They also have a pre-insulation checklist that includes 75 items that are reviewed and completed before the insulation is installed. Colony Builders is a two-time Builder of the Year and has over 20 Gold Hammer awards.

Bill doesn’t just support the building industry; he also helps the families who call Anchorage home. He’s an avid supporter of youth hockey teams and a sponsor of the Scotty Gomez Foundation Alumni Hockey Tournament. And, to be clear, he doesn’t just throw his money in the rink, “I play in it every year, I’m the oldest guy in the tournament.”

After nearly four decades in business, Bill continues to care about his community in a way that sets an example for everyone around him.

Colony Introduces New Development

Colony Builders is currently developing a 21-lot subdivision in South Anchorage that will host single- family homes. The development is located on Abbott Road between Elmore and Lake Otis. The lots feature beautiful trees and have city water and sewer, and great soils.

There are about seven plans for homeowners to pick from that can then be modified to fit the family’s style. The lots are, on average, around 7,000 sq. ft. and homes are about 2,000-2,500 sq. ft. Prices start at $550,000.

The new subdivision is convenient and perfect for families. It’s in the Service High School district and within two-minutes of shopping. Colony Builders plans to start construction in late August and it takes approximately six months to build. Interested homeowners can put in a lot reservation now to pick a plan and customize.

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