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Release: AHBA Welcomes a New Executive Officer

ANCHORAGE – Members of the Anchorage Home Builders Association are excited to welcome a new executive officer. Francy Bennett will start her new role Nov. 26, 2018.

Bennett is a lifelong Alaskan who grew up in small villages in Western Alaska. She has worked in the marketing and advertising industry for more than 30 years. Her positions have included working as the communications director for (now AK Headlamp), development director for YWCA Alaska and vice president of the Alaska State Chamber.

“I look forward to working with AHBA to promote excellence in building, education and continued advocacy for development and construction across Anchorage and Alaska,” Bennett said. “I know have big shoes to fill, Nikki Giordano has done a fantastic job.”

Giordano, AHBA’s former executive officer, is leaving Alaska to become the executive officer at the Northern Colorado Home Builders Association. Giordano served as AHBA’s executive officer for six years and has been with the association for more than 11 years.

"Under Giordano’s leadership, AHBA grew our membership and expanded our outreach,” said Karen Kassik-Michelsohn AHBA president and vice president of Michelsohn & Daughter Construction. "During a difficult recession, Giordano led the association and introduced new events, programs and raised our profile.”

"We have greatly appreciated Giordano’s efforts over the last decade," Eric Visser, owner of Visser Construction said. "She’s an outstanding leader, who is dedicated to advancing the building community statewide.”

“We are looking forward to a seamless transition and a prosperous 2019, with Bennett as our new executive officer,” incoming AHBA president, Kyle Mirka of Allen & Petersen said. “Our association has a long and accomplished past and we are looking ahead to the continued growth of our keystone events and supporting our membership through education, advocacy and networking. Bennett is a great addition to our team.”

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