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AHBA Announces the Winner of the 2018 Anchorage Home Show Playhouse Raffle

When children are young they want to be just like their parents. As they grow from babbling babies to tipsy toddlers they begin to mimic their parents’ every move. Childhood should be filled with kid-sized kitchen sets and playhouses where children can play out their own life adventures.

The Anchorage Home Builders Association is committed to helping people little and big build the warm memories of family inside homes. The 2018 Anchorage Home Show Playhouse Raffle was an opportunity to provide a beautiful playhouse to a family, while also giving back to kids in need.

Money raised from ticket sales went to the Children’s Hospital at Providence. Home Show attendees purchased tickets for $20 and the raffle raised $5,257. Gina Winn, an Anchorage grandmother, purchased the winning raffle ticket. Winn lives next door to her daughter and grandkids and says she was thrilled to be the winner.

“AHBA and the Children’s Hospital have made me the happiest grandmother ever,” Winn said. “The generous builders, architects and suppliers who volunteered their time, skill and materials built an amazing playhouse for my grandchildren to enjoy. The quality and beauty of this miniature lighthouse is exceptional.”

AHBA would like to thank Visser Construction, Michelsohn & Daughter Construction, Pannone Engineering, Rain Proof Roofing and Spenard Builders Supply who partnered to supply the materials and construct the playhouse. AHBA would also like to extend a special thanks to Architects Alaska, Children’s Hospital at Providence

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