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Helmet to Hard Hat Moises Gutierrez, president of MGJ Building Group

In the hockey rink, Moises Gutierrez has laser focus, getting the puck into the net. As a professional hockey player, Gutierrez played right wing. His main job was to score goals and bring his team to victory. His career took him to Canada, Europe, and even at one point, back to play for his hometown team the Alaska Aces. But eventually it came time to leave the rink behind, and trade his helmet for a hard hat.

“Growing up my father owned a commercial wall company, so I grew up around the construction industry,” Gutierrez said. “When I retired from hockey, I came home and began working with my dad in the commercial construction industry.” Gutierrez also began flipping homes, which led him to launch MGJ Building Group. “Four years and 35 houses later, here we are.”

Family and the Anchorage community mean a lot to Gutierrez. He has a wife and two young children who call Anchorage home. At 31 years old, he’s one of the youngest builders in the area. He believes that gives him a fresh approach to homebuilding, something he says the Alaska market needs. “The homebuyer demographic is changing and the culture is changing,” Gutierrez said. “I’m trying to integrate new trends, while also balancing what works for Alaskans and the Alaska market.”

The company averages seven to eight homes per year. This year, the company is building 11 homes. Gutierrez says he’s happy with the current size of his company because it allows him to be heavily involved in every home build. “Because I’m a smaller builder, I am one-on-one with customers, they are able to reach out to me directly,” said Gutierrez. “I don’t send them off to a superintendent once I close a deal. I’m involved from breaking ground to selecting all the finishes.”

Working with homebuyers, Gutierrez tries to create a home that is the perfect blend of lifestyle, efficiency and custom features. A few of the trendier touches he has been bringing to homes include full-view aluminum and glass garage doors, exterior metals and angled roof lines. But he says the most important feature in any home, is that it fits the family. “It’s important to find a builder that sees the same vision that you do and understands what you’re looking for.”

Every project Gutierrez takes on is built on a foundation of trust. Gutierrez says it’s important homebuyers feel good about their working relationship. “Find a builder you can trust and enjoy working with because you are going to be with them for six months to a year.”

Life may not include screaming fans anymore, but every time Gutierrez hands over the keys to a happy homeowner he knows he’s scored a win for the team.

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