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There Will Be Dust: 10 Factors to Consider During a Remodel

We have all spent the last year stuck in our homes, dreaming about what they could be. The Florcraft Carpet One team thought this would be a great opportunity to offer a list of tips and pointers to help you get started on your project. Everyone loves a top 10 list.

A home remodel can be one of the most rewarding yet stressful events a homeowner can undertake. There are numerous considerations to go over before deciding whether the project is worth taking on at all. Here are our team’s top 10 pieces of advice to help you prepare for a remodel.

1. Set Expectations

You can never ask too many questions when it comes to a home improvement project. Don’t let your curiosity make you feel uncomfortable. Work with a company or contractor that understands the ins and outs of your project. It’s your home, make sure you understand everything involved in the project.

– Windi Brammer, Chief of Staff

2. Build a Schedule

Set an end date and work your schedule backward. In Alaska, it’s important to plan for potential freight delays, strained supply chains due to the pandemic and trades working over each other. Pencil in a few weeks to a month at the end in case there are delays, this helps prevent disappointment.

– Heidi Sandoval, Purchasing

3. Create a Budget

Most jobs will cost more than you expect. Plan on roughly 10% over your budget although some experts recommend planning for up to 25%. This is to account for the surprises. You never know what you might find under your existing flooring or behind your walls. If you happen to come in under budget, then your surprises will bring a smile to your face and your bank account!

- Jenny Wicker, Account Manager

4. Plan for Dust

Unfortunately, construction projects are messy. To control the spread of dust, tape off construction areas and put up temporary plastic walls. Cover the warm-air and cold-air returns in the construction area to keep dust from spreading through the rest of the home. However, consult with an HVAC company before blocking ducts to make sure your furnace will continue to work.

– Nick Harrington, Rug Master

5. Don’t Forget the Pets

Having dogs, cats, and other furry friends in the home requires durable surfaces with unique features like waterproof, scratch resistance and long-term warranties. Keep your pawed family members in mind when shopping for products.

- Caroline Potasz- Project Coordinator

6. Find the Right Fit

When considering flooring, think about how you want the room to feel. This is just as important as how the flooring will perform. Do you want the space to appear bigger? Feel more casual and relaxed? Or smoother and more elegant? If you’re not entirely sure, go shopping. It’s important to find the flooring that’s fun, functional and fits your style.

- Patrick Copell, Senior Sales Professional

7. Choose a Partner that Listens

When considering a remodel, it’s important to partner with professionals you trust. Work with people who understand your vision and can help make it a reality. It’s important that you be happy with the result.

- Jamie Tamanaha, Kitchen Bath & Flooring Specialist

8. Trust Your Contractor

Be sure to hire a licensed and bonded professional to do the work on your home. This allows you to have a level of comfort. You can also keep the rest of your world moving forward while your contractors keep your product moving at a steady pace.

– Robert Cooley, Warehouseman

9. Don’t Forget the Windows

In Alaska, window coverings are far more than an accessory. They keep the light out and the heat in. Additionally, the right window coverings can make sure that you keep wandering eyes out of your home.

- Kelsey Hall Builder Specialist/Outside Sales

10. Relax and Have Fun

When everyone understands each other and the lines of communication are open, it makes the process much easier. A home remodel is a lot of work and it takes patience. Ask questions. If something doesn’t go as planned, address the concerns. But as long as everyone is communicating and working toward the same goal, relax and enjoy the process.

– Seth Catoe, Commercial & Residential Project Coordinator

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