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Monthly President's Report September 2018



Submitted by Karen Kassik-Michelsohn, CPBD, FAIBD

Professional Women in Building: We have written a mission statement and Vision statement, both now out for review. We still need a chair for the council, Eden Joy has expressed interest. We discussed making our main mission/agenda as being the arm of AHBA to recruit young people into the trades. We had 21 attend our last meeting, 14 members. Sept 5 is our next meeting.

Governmental Affairs Director: We anxiously await George Culpepper’s start of work the beginning of September.

Remodelers Council: Next meeting is September 25. Jason Dial has volunteered to be the chair.

Advocacy: We met with the Mayor on Aug 7, reviewed new letter of issues. We have created a more open communication and awareness level.

ASHBA Conference is Halloween weekend – October 31 to November 2 at Embassy Suites.

Future AHBA location change:

No progress at this time.


Verbal Report from Scott Allen


Verbal report from Andre Spinelli

TITLE 21 REPORT See attached packet



Verbal report from Clai Porter


Submitted by Pete Nolan

Membership Numbers at the end of August showed the Association has 46 Builder members and 166 Associate Members for a total of 212 Members. The attached reports from staff show lapsing members and dropped members. These numbers reflect an 84.7% retention rate.

We continue to move forward with the membership plan developed by the Membership Committee. This includes the membership contest for a trip to Las Vegas for the IBA in January 2019. The Membership Committee agreed to extend the contest through November 30th and to announce the winners at the Christmas party.

On August 23rd we had a Lunch and Learn at the AHBA office featuring AHFC speaking on renovation options and financing. On September 13th we have the AHBA Economic Summit. The Membership Committee will have information about the AHBA in the bags at the tables as well as an application for membership. The host at the Summit will invite attendees who are not members to look at the information and fill out an application to join us We will continue with the new member lunches and the lunch and learns throughout the year. AHBA staff will be following up and monitoring the success of the contest and other efforts to grow membership.


Submitted by Steve Voves

Our last committee meeting was held on Thursday, August 14th. The main focus of that meeting was the upcoming “Parade of Homes” (September 8 & 9).

Most of the discussion was directed toward re-evaluating the individual judging categories. We worked on trying to establish a more uniform and consistent breakdown of categories (addressing some of the objections from last year).

We agreed on setting up a couple of different sub-committees and splitting up our duties. One was set-up to further review the judging, and the other to tackle the banquet arrangements.

To date, we have commitment from 9 individuals who volunteered to be judges. We would like to secure 21 total, and determined the “minimum” number would be 14.

For the banquet, discussion included possibilities for a “theme” this year. For the record, that also included discussion on having no theme at all. The general consensus was leaning towards a “generic theme” – revolving around Autumn.

Also on our agenda, was the up-coming AHBA Economic Summit (Sept. 13th). To date, the major sponsorship is being covered by Alaska USA Mortgage Company.

We also have commitment for (5) “Gold sponsors” @ $1,200 each, as well as a handful of company “Table Sponsors” @ 8 persons/per table.

Our next sub-committee meeting is scheduled for Sept. 25th – just prior to the Parade of Homes banquet, which is Friday (October 5th).

ENDOWMENT REPORT Minutes attached


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