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Monthly President’s Report July 2018

AHBA President’s Report

Submitted by Karen Kassik-Michelsohn, CPBD, FAIBD

Professional Women in Building: We had an organizational meeting on June 29. Agenda to write mission statement and Vision statement, both now out for review. We will become a formal chapter at the NAHB Board meeting in Portland. We need a chair for the council, Creta nor Jana can chair.

We discussed making our main mission/agenda as being the arm of AHBA to recruit young people into the trades.

Governmental Affairs Director: The BOD has approved the hiring of George Culpepper, he will start work the beginning of September.

The above 2 items will be 2 of my goals that I set for AHBA! If PWB completes the Education/recruitment agenda, then 3 goals will be done!! Now let’s use all of the above to increase the value of the “Licensed Builder”, my final goal.

Remodelers Council: We had a Remodelers meeting on June 26. We discussed getting our goals and mission statements back together so we can market the . Our next meeting is July 18.

Membership: We now have a category for “Honorary Member”. This has been specifically enacted for retired Builders so they stay active at a lower or no cost basis.

Advocacy: We have been meeting with Assembly Members over the last months with great success. We have created a more open communication and awareness level. The next meeting is with Fred Dyson on 7/16, then 7/23 is Midtown with Dick Traini, and Pete Peterson on 7/30.

Future AHBA location change:

No progress at this time.

Insurance Captive – verbal report from Scott Allen

Joint Council – verbal report from Andre Spinelli

Title 21 Report Submitted by Brian Harten

Nothing to report at this time.

Legislative Affairs Committee Report Submitted by Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor - Co chair

Michael Droege - Co Chair

Sara Rasmussen, candidate for State House for West Anchorage, had a lightly attended fundraiser at Gallo's. We will standby and evaluate her run for office after the August primary.

Charisse Millet also had a fund raiser at Little Italy. I spoke to her briefly about helping AHBA removing an inconsistency in code language between a state statute and the NEC regarding UL listings on products.

We have the following meetings set for Assembly members at the AHBA office:

-Fred Dyson 10:00 am July 16th

-Dick Traini 10:00 am July 23rd

-Peter Petersen 10:00 am July 30th

We will continue to inform and educate them regarding our homebuilder agenda. We will follow up with a report on our discussions.

The governor's race got interesting with Begich entering the picture. The Republican primary winner should set the homebuilders course on who to support (if anyone).

NAHB update – verbal report from Clai Porter

Membership Committee Submitted by Pete Nolan

Membership Numbers at the end of May stood consistent at 46 Builder members and 165 Associate Members for a total of 211 Members. The attached reports from staff show lapsing members and dropped members. These numbers reflect an 81.9% retention rate.

We continue to move forward with the membership plan developed by the Membership Committee. This includes the membership contest for a trip to Las Vegas for the IBA in January 2019. We held our second new member lunch on June 28th. Seven members attended the lunch and seemed to enjoy learning more about the AHBA and the contest.

On June 27th we had a Lunch and Learn at the AHBA office featuring Brandy Pennington. We will continue with the new member lunches and the lunch and learns throughout the year. AHBA staff will be following up and monitoring the success of the contest and other efforts to grow membership.

Associates Council

Submitted by Steve Voves

• We held our meeting yesterday, Tuesday, July 10.

The entire meeting was devoted to the upcoming AHBA Golf Tournament, which is next Thursday, July 19.

• We packed 100 each of the draw string “goody bags” with various donated items. (Each player will receive a goody bag).

• For the tournament, we have 25 teams (4 players each) signed up. The course minimum is 24 teams.

• All but 2 of the 18 holes have sponsors. (One of these two will become an AHBA hole).

• The major sponsorship opportunities – Breakfast, Lunch, Drink Cart, and the Driving Range are covered, as well as we have collected a number of donated door prizes.

• AS&G is providing the BBQ grill for lunch.

• We look forward to a successful tournament. We just need a good weather to go along with it!

Endowment – verbal report from Eric Visser


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