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HEY BRITTANY What's My Payment? Helping Alaskans Understand Their Mortgage

Brittany Quesnell understands the power of social media. She also specializes in the mortgage industry. With more than two decades of experience, this born-and-raised Alaskan is always talking about real estate, interest rates and market conditions. She currently works with UMortgage, LLC.

Out of her two passions Quesnell created “Hey Brittany What’s My Payment?” The social media account offers agents and builders exposure to audiences that they may not otherwise have had direct access to. She likes to think of each post as a super charged mortgage payment flyer; she highlights the property, agent, builder and breaks down the mortgage payment.

It’s fun, quick and in addition to its entertainment value, it’s extremely informative for prospective homebuyers.

If you have a listing, community or spec home coming to market, slide into her DMs, as she likes to say, and she will feature you in her next episode. If you are curious to see what Hey Brittany What’s My Payment is all about, check out her website at


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