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Alaska Hammer & Home: Taking Pride in Their Products and Services

When two lifelong best friends were questioning their next move in the construction industry, Alaska Hammer & Home became the answer. Jericho Lambert and Jon Murphy opened the business in 2018. Alaska Hammer & Home’s provides first-class customer service, professionalism, quality products and a superior installation process.

The company continues to grow and expand its products and services. This year, Alaska Hammer & Home is excited to announce its partnership with Tyvarian International, an innovative bathroom product that provides the luxurious look of natural stone and tile without the maintenance that comes from cleaning grout lines. Tyvarian is mold and mildew resistant, and 100% waterproof.

Tyvanian products are innovative and unique surfaces manufactured with a new technology that incorporates high-definition images into cultured marble. This Tyvanian process provides the look of natural stone, granite, travertine, onyx and other designs customers love. Tyvarian can be used for shower and bath walls, floors, backsplashes, art and many other applications. You will be amazed by the colors and styles. We’re excited to be the first authorized dealer and company to bring the American-made Tyvanian product line to Alaska.

That’s not the only exciting addition to our company’s lineup this year. Alaska Hammer & Home is now offering Trex Composite Fencing materials. Trex Fencing is a composite fence made to solve deficiencies in other popular materials. The product is built with wood and the popular composite materials that Trex uses in decking. This results in a durable fence unlike any other.

In 2022, the company created Alaska Hydro Wash, a certified Softwash Systems provider. Softwash Systems is an environmentally-friendly method of exterior cleaning that utilizes a stream of low-pressure water, mixed with biodegradable detergents to safely clean and disinfect any surface. Pressure-washing only blasts away surface debris and doesn’t get rid of the algae, mold, bacteria, moss and mildew that reside deep inside exterior surfaces. Our equipment and chemicals are manufactured to deal with these issues. Softwash Systems can last four to six times longer than power-washing alone.

Alaska Hammer & Home takes pride in cultivating products with the highest quality. We look for ones that will outlast other products and materials, and will hold up against Alaska’s extreme climates. We look forward to working with customers in the future to help build their next dream project with our unique creative designs and newly-available products.


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