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Membership Chairman Report May 2018

Membership Numbers as of May 1, 2018 stood at 48 Builder members and 176 Associate Members for a total of 224 Members. The attached reports from staff show lapsing members and dropped members.

The next New Member Happy Hour will be on May 8th at Glacier Brewhouse. The Membership Committee will be trying something new by inviting all members to attend but they need to bring a new member prospect. This will be an experiment to determine the response we receive. That will determine if we continue a full membership invitation in the future. Starting with June of 2018 we would like to have the New Member Happy Hour every three months.

The Membership Committee is working on a strategic plan for growing membership. An e-mail will be sent to Board members to help create a list of businesses, contractors and residential endorsement licenses for the committee to contact. The list hopefully can be created by May 9th.

At the next Membership Committee Meeting the Membership Chair will train on cold calling and talking with member prospects. Board members are welcome to attend. On May 18, 2018 at 9AM we will meet for donuts and coffee and call prospect businesses. We will report to the Board on the effectiveness of this program.


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