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Five Tips to Prepare for A Home Remodel

Home is important now more than ever. We’ve spent a significant time at home this year, and some of us may have started to reimagine our spaces. Maybe you want to add a new home office or perhaps you’ve decided your dated bathroom finally needs some attention. A home renovation can modernize your home, increase your comfort and potentially add value to your investment. To help you start planning for your home remodel this year, consider the following tips.

Plan Your Project

Once you have a general idea of what you want for your home remodel and how much you are willing to spend, talk to a qualified contractor who can provide an estimate. Some projects take considerable time and money so it is important to select a contractor you can trust. The best place to start is by utilizing a directory of professional remodelers. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has a directory of professional remodelers dedicated to the highest professional and ethical standards in the home building industry.

Choose a Time Frame that Works for You

If you’re working from home or going back to your job soon, that may help you decide when it’s time to start your project. Home construction can be disruptive. Tell your remodeler upfront your work or living arrangements while your home is under construction. A professional remodeler will provide guidance on how to minimize significant disruptions related to plumbing or electrical work. If you have small children, most professionals will be willing to remove tools at the end of each workday or be placed out of reach. A contractor can also erect temporary walls to minimize dust in your primary living areas.

Organize a Temporary Storage Solution

You will likely have to store or put away items in the area that will be remodeled. Storing items will make it easier for the construction crew to navigate your home. Don’t forget to remove items from hallways or near staircases. Large items in your space, such as appliances or furniture, may have to be removed.

Discuss Safety with Your Contractor

Safety on the job site for workers and home owners is the number one priority for qualified remodelers. If you have any concerns about social distancing or other safety measures talk to your contractor. Anchorage Homebuilders Association can provide you with a list of area remodelers who are taking steps to ensure homeowners are safe in their home while a home remodeling project is underway.

To learn more about remodeling or to find a remodeler in your area, contact us at 907.522.3605

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