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5 Reasons to Buy New

Vehicles, cellphones and computers - consumers are not afraid to invest in brand-new merchandise. And in most of these cases, you get what you pay for. But when it comes to purchasing a house, homebuyers don’t always understand the benefits of buying new construction.

In the age of Pinterest boards, HGTV and #MakeoverMonday, renovating is trendier than ever. But unfortunately, home renovations can be quite costly and time consuming, and go from social media worthy to cringe-worthy in no time. Before signing the paperwork on that adorable fixer-upper, consider the many benefits of buying new construction.


When you buy a new home, you are the first homeowner to use everything. From the appliances to the paint, everything is fresh. New homes use materials and are designed to minimize maintenance. Most new construction homes come with warranties from the homebuilder. This ensures that if any sort of problem arises, you know exactly who to call, and it will be a quick fix. As the first homeowner, you can take care of your home and know that it will last a long time.


Especially in Alaska, energy efficient homes save you money. Every year, there are advancements in energy efficient materials and products. New construction homes are built with more energy efficient walls, windows and insulation. It is also common for them to include high efficiency appliances like water heaters, furnaces and stoves. New construction will also have LED lighting, so say goodbye to changing light bulbs all the time. Green appliances and materials not only save you money, they are also good for the environment.


Your home should be a safe space for your family. New construction homes undergo rigorous safety checks and have very strict safety standards. For example, they may include fire safety features that are not in properties built in the past. New construction homes are required to include hard-wired smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors, which will continue to run even if the battery dies.


Flip on the TV and you will see home makeover shows touting the glamorous side of transforming an old space into the perfect spot for your family. But in reality, remodels can be time consuming and costly. If you really want the satisfaction of creating a home for your family, new construction is perfect. If you build from the ground up you can work with builders to select the best floor plan for your family and lifestyle. Even if you don’t select the floor plan, it’s a lot of fun to pick the finishes that reflect your style. From modern color schemes to custom tile, living in a home designed by you is a great feeling. Being involved in the build can also give you the opportunity to be really custom with your taste. Add a standing tub, walk-in closet or wine cellar – the options are endless.


New construction is affordable and it can save you money. The increased energy efficiency will cut down on what you spend on your monthly bills. Special financing options may be available through your builder. And when it comes to selling your home, newer homes are usually a quicker sell.

Next time you’re in the market for a new home, instead of shopping around for what’s out there, consider creating your dream home from the ground up. For questions or to find your next homebuilder give AHBA a call today (907) 522-3605.

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