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Damsel in Defense

As a Realtor and outdoor enthusiast, I am often in situations which "invite" trouble and therefore safety is my top priority! These tools offer me piece of mind that I can defend myself against an attacker with confidence and ease should the situation ever present itself.

When showing houses, the "little ringer" is my preferred tool. Realtors often show properties without electricity or after sunset, therefore a flashlight is a common item to have which makes this stun gun the perfect disguise.

When I host an open house, the "protected pepper with shield technology" ensures that help will be in route immediately if I disable my spray.

When I'm out running/hiking/biking, the "armee band" and "runner up" glove are lightweight, hands-free tools to help me escape a human or animal encounter.

As a former bartender I would leave the restaurant late night with a pocket full of cash making me a "walking target". I keep the "hear a pin drop" on my car key ring to scare off a thief as well as the "sock it slim" attached to my "breakaway boho" to inflict pain in the event the attacker continues to pursue me after setting off the alarm.

Regardless of your profession, location, or self defense skill level, these tools will buy you time to escape your attacker and increase your probability of survival. It is always better to be proactive if you have to be reactive. No matter what tools you feel most comfortable using, your life is always worth the fight!

I look forward to being your Damsel Pro to help educate and empower you to be safe!

(623) 7603006

P.O. Box 879356

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