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Selecting the Perfect Hardwood Flooring for your Alaska Home

By: Evan Hall, Florcraft Carpet One Floor & Home

Today’s flooring market offers several wood-like options that provide the lush look of natural wood flooring in your home. Laminate, luxury vinyl and of course, hardwood. Hardwood is becoming increasingly popular, as well as challenging, in this changing environment.

Selecting the perfect hardwood flooring for your Alaska home is an important decision. It involves considering factors like pets, durability and resistance to the unique challenges posed by Alaska’s climate. Homeowners must analyze all this while searching for the perfect visual to match their style.

With a wide range of options available on the market including solid, engineered and waterproof hardwood, the decisions can be overwhelming. Understanding the differences and how they can be affected by pets and the local climate is crucial. Whether you’re building or renovating, the following information will help you make an informed choice about your hardwood flooring needs.

Solid hardwood flooring is a timeless choice cherished for its authenticity and durability. It’s crafted from a single piece of solid wood and offers unmatched longevity. However, when considering solid hardwood for homes with pets, it's important to keep in mind that it can be susceptible to scratches and stains. Regular maintenance, such as periodic refinishing, can help restore its appearance. Solid hardwood may also be more prone to expanding or contracting in Alaska homes due to extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations. At Florcraft Carpet One Floor & Home, we try to think of wood as a canvas. Your wood floors will reflect the life you live upon them.

Engineered hardwood flooring provides a balance between beauty and practicality. It’s constructed using multiple layers of wood, with a top layer of real hardwood veneer and a core made of high-quality plywood or fiberboard. Engineered hardwood offers increased stability and resistance to moisture and temperature changes compared to solid hardwood. This makes it a suitable choice for Alaska homes, where the climate is unpredictable. Engineered hardwood can withstand the demands of active pets and is less prone to warping or cupping. Additionally, engineered hardwood flooring often comes with a protective finish that adds an extra layer of durability and makes maintenance easier.

Waterproof hardwood flooring is a relatively new innovation that combines the beauty of hardwood with the practicality of water-resistant materials. It’s specifically designed to withstand moisture and spills, making it an excellent choice for homes with pets or in areas prone to high humidity. Waterproof hardwood typically features a rigid core, such as vinyl or composite materials, topped with a realistic wood-look surface. This flooring option is highly resistant to scratches, stains and water damage.


Hardwood Flooring Choice Considerations for Pets and Alaska’s Harsh Climate:

  • Hardness: Look for hardwood species with higher Janka hardness ratings, as they tend to resist scratches and dents better. Examples include oak, hickory and maple.

  • Select flooring with a durable finish that provides added protection against pet-related wear and tear. Water-based polyurethane or aluminum oxide finishes are popular choices.

  • Regularly trim your pets' nails to minimize scratches.

  • Place mats at entryways to trap dirt and moisture. Clean up spills promptly.

  • Ensure proper humidity control in your home to minimize the expansion and contraction of hardwood. Using a humidifier in dry winter months and a dehumidifier during humid periods can help maintain a stable indoor environment.

Selecting the right hardwood flooring for your Alaska home requires careful consideration. While solid hardwood exudes elegance, engineered hardwood offers increased stability, and waterproof hardwood provides exceptional resistance to moisture and spills. Evaluate your priorities, consider the needs of your pets and weigh the pros and cons of each option. An informed decision should combine beauty, durability and practicality. If you have any questions, the flooring experts at Florcraft Carpet One Floor & Home are here to help.


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