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Now Hiring: Anchorage’s Home Building Industry

By Nikki Giordano, CEO of AHBA

Individuals across the country are reimagining their career paths following the height of the pandemic. The residential construction industry is an industry worth exploring. The industry offers competitive compensation and a chance to contribute to building the American Dream.

Even as the markets across the country are slowing, all projections show a continued strong demand for new housing, making homebuilding a stable and lucrative career choice. According to a recent National Association of Home Builders analysis, there were 440,000 open construction jobs in May 2022. Scroll through Facebook or Instagram to see that Anchorage is no different, everyone is looking for reliable, skilled workers.

Pivoting to a career in construction has many benefits including the following:

The Industry is Hiring

Since the Great Recession, the United States has had a significant shortage of qualified professionals in the construction industry. As a result, homebuilders across the country and here in Anchorage are seeking skilled workers — like carpenters, framers and roofers — to help them build the American Dream.

A recent NAHB survey found that homebuilders reported widespread shortages of various construction-related occupations. For example, homebuilders say carpenters, bricklayers, framing crews and concrete workers are among the top labor shortages. Many builders in our area seek qualified professionals to fill these positions.

Compensation is Competitive

Many jobs in residential construction pay the equivalent – if not more – than jobs requiring similar experience levels and a college degree. Residential electricians, for example, earn an average of more than $61,000. And these careers begin with no or minimal student loan debt.

Management Opportunities Abound

Careers in construction are not limited to what some may perceive as traditional roles of plumbers, framers, etc. A variety of management positions are available. This challenging role requires critical thinking, technical skills, academic knowledge and leadership skills. According to a NAHB analysis, out of the 13 highest paid trades in construction, 12 are management positions. The highest-paid managers in construction are architectural and engineering managers, with half making over $135,900 and the top 25% on the pay scale earning over $170,940 annually.

Training is Available

There are numerous opportunities to gain experience and training in the skilled trades. AHBA is a proud partner of the Anchorage School District’s Career and Technical Education program, which offers construction courses to middle and high school students. There are other institutions that provide training and skills certifications like Anchorage Works Partnership, University of Alaska Anchorage, Northern Industrial Training, Charter College and more. There are other opportunities where you can get paid while being trained, these apprenticeship programs are common for union jobs and are offered by some AHBA Members like Partusch Plumbing & Heating.

The homebuilding industry is looking for reliable employees to help us build a better Anchorage. If you want to start working with your hands and seeing the results of your work on a daily basis, now is the time to switch fields and join the construction industry.

To learn more about training and job opportunities in Anchorage visit or call 907-522-3605.


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