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Brick & Birch: Setting a New Standard for Alaska

NEW CONSTRUCTION feels like a monumental project, especially for people unfamiliar with the construction process. Turning a vacant lot into a happy home takes a team. With so much going on it can be easy to focus on the big things and gloss over the smaller decisions. But when it comes to standing out from the crowd, it’s in the details.

Brick & Birch Homes operates by the motto, “every detail counts.” Owner Ashley Plooy understands the importance of focusing on every single aspect of every build. Her eye for detail has quickly earned her a reputation for quality craftsmanship in the modern home space.

Ashley is a lifelong Alaskan. Her passion for the construction and real estate industry started at a very young age. As soon as she could work, she turned her passion into a job. She began remodeling houses right after high school, while also running a family-owned insurance branch. Her strong project management skills and engineering background are the backbones of Brick & Birch’s success. The company is truly one-of-a-kind for Alaska.

Ashley feels a great sense of pride and accomplishment in being one of only a few female builders in Alaska. She’s passionate about her trade and hopes to inspire the next generation of women in the construction industry through her success and hard work. Her knowledge and leadership skills have positioned Brick & Birch as a thriving company that brings modern, innovative designs to up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Brick & Birch is not your cookie-cutter builder. Their homes stand out from the crowd. The team incorporates modern elements into everything they do. That means everything from truly innovative, eye-catching and unique floor plans, to traditional designs with a modern twist. Every build is about excellence and making the best home for the homebuyer.

The company has earned a reputation for excellence, but that’s not good enough. Ashley and her team want to make Alaska a better place by creating communities where people want to live. By bettering the Alaska housing community one development at a time, Brick & Birch hopes to create a thriving, vibrant Alaska.

Through innovation, quality craftsmanship and that notorious eye for detail, Brick & Birch is setting a new standard for Alaska builders. That means building homes with unique elements. The company currently offers six different floor plans, ranging from modern to more traditional.

As a lifelong Alaskan, Ashley incorporates her roots into her builds. Every home is engineered to withstand the harshest Alaska elements. Homes feature energy-efficient materials that help lower utility costs when temperatures are their harshest. She also understands what the average Alaskan wants and needs from their home. Many plans feature a three-car garage for all the Alaska toys and gourmet kitchens that can be used to prepare the spoils that Alaska hunting and fishing provide.

Building with Brick & Birch means working with a talented team that won’t forget the small stuff. Throughout every step of the process, every detail is taken into account. If it matters to you, it matters even more to them. Because the team doesn’t believe in settling. Your dream home should be perfect and that’s why every detail matters.


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