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Make sure your new sustainable project receives a fair valuation

When buying new or newly remodeled there is more to consider than just styling and quality finishes. The energy efficiency and advancements in the building materials has a big effect on the value of your home. It is very important that your appraiser knows about custom builds and how to assess the value of new construction. Take a look at Scott Sanders' advice on how to make sure your homes are being fairly appraised.

Guest Columnist: Striving For Accurate Green-Home Appraisals

September 11, 2018

By Scott Sanders, Custom Builder

If you compete with resale homes and whole-house renovations, inaccurate appraisals can end up costing clients more at closing and tarnish your reputation for being market-savvy. That’s why my company, BrightLeaf Homes, has established a process for ensuring that the appraised values of our custom and spec homes hit where they need to be... Read more here.

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