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Meet the Women of PWB: Creta Bloxom

The AHBA Professional Women in Building Council represents women who are actively involved in all aspects of the building industry. From homebuilders to interior designers and mortgage lenders to residential designers, women do it all in the Anchorage housing market. But despite their diverse talents, many women still feel alone in the industry.

Creta Bloxom joined PWB to help encourage a new generation of women to enter the homebuilding industry. She says many of her female peers grew up believing women didn’t belong in certain industries but Bloxom and others are proving women can do anything as long as they have the passion.

Bloxom has been in the homebuilding industry for more than 40 years. Her career started in the financial sector, where she worked as a construction loan officer. She then joined her husband and became a home inspector. Most recently, she was hired by First National Bank Alaska to serve as the mortgage lending director.

It’s the creative process of building something from nothing that appeals to Bloxom; she enjoys seeing construction projects go from start to finish. Bloxom says understanding the behind the scenes process is fascinating and fun. Her four decades long career has been rewarding both personally and financially, and she hopes to inspire other women to get involved in the construction industry.

The cost to become a member is $75 per year ($50 to NAHB and $25 to fund events at the local level).

For more information call AHBA at (907) 522-3605.

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