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The mission of Alaska Built.® is to promote and encourage development of the building industry in the State. Alaska is Our Home. Let's Build it Right.


We work to ensure our community is built the right way, the first time. That's our definition of Alaska Built.® 


We're proud of it. And you should be, too.. after all, you are Alaska Built.®


How to be Alaska Built:


  1. Hire a licensed, bonded and insured builder.
    We believe that the people you work with say a lot about you. We think home buyers should be protected. We strive to embody three very important values: Integrity, Quality, Trust. 

    Oh, and it's the law. So the guy who skimped on business expenses like liability insurance, might also skimp out on you should he get in a bind. You can avoid that uncomfortable and expensive scenario by hiring the guys and girls who follow the rules.

  2. Meet your Builders.
    Attend the Anchorage Home Show. Participate in the Spring Preview of Homes and the Parade of Homes. See what quality builders are doing in your hometown, and support them by telling them you appreciate their work. 

  3. Show your Support.
    Keep an eye out around town for our line of Alaska Built.® sportswear and other cool stuff.

    Proceeds go to member education, benefits, and legislation activities so that builders in Alaska are able to build your community faster, stronger, and better.  

    Tell your friends and neighbors that you, too, are Alaska Built.® 

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