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** 3 credits

Date: Thursday, August 21, 2014
Time: 12-2 p.m.
Location: AHBA Office
Instructor: Daniel Bolles

Daniel N. Bolles is a retired Code Enforcement officer from the Municipality of Anchorage.  Mr. Bolles served for over 30 years with the Greater Anchorage Area Borough Construction Division as a surveyor, with the Municipality of Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services and Building Safety as a Code Enforcement officer and lead plan reviewer. While with the GAAB Mr. Bolles helped to establish the GAAB benchmark system, and worked with the Materials Analysis Section for over a decade.  He co-authored the 1986 Title 15 well and septic regulations while conducting potable water contamination studies for DHHS.  While with Building Safety, Mr. Bolles conducted plan reviews for commercial, residential and land use applications, as well as, review of applications for boards and commissions.  Mr. Bolles also developed and conducted classes for building professionals in the application of Municipal Land Use Code.  Since retirement, Mr. Bolles has consulted on the development of Title 21, various land use cases, conditional uses, variances and determinations before boards and commissions.

Course Overview:
The course is designed to provide the builder with sufficient knowledge of the Anchorage Municipal Land Use Code to successfully complete an application for Building, and Land Use permits under provision of Title 21.  The course is to be given in three one-hour blocks with question and answer segments at the end of each block. An examination shall be administered at the conclusion of the course.

Zoning ordinances:

  1. State of Alaska statutes regarding zoning and their applicability.
  2. History of Anchorage Zoning regulations.
  3. Changes to Title 21, “Out With the Old In With the New”.
  4. Comprehensive Plans, “Lazy Mountain Effect”.
  5. Boards and Commissions, “When and Why”.
  6. Nonconforming uses, “Yes You Can Rebuild It”.

Residential Districts:

  1. Use Regulations, “Definitions and Tables”.
  2. Zoning Districts, “Where and When Design Matters”.
  3. Girdwood, “Application of Chapter 21.09”.
  4. Chugiak-Eagle River, “Application of Chapter 21.10”.

Code Studies:

  1. Purpose of Code Studies, “Why Do I Need To?”
  2. Due Diligence, “Getting the Right Stuff”.
  3. Application of Codes, “Applying the Right Stuff”.
  4. Practical Exercise, “Putting It Down Correctly”.

DATE: October 30 – November 2