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As a Builder that Grew up in Anchorage by Andre Spinelli, Presidentof AHBA

by Vicki Portwood on October 26, 2011

As a homebuilder that grew up in Anchorage, dedicated hundreds of hours towards the rewrite of Title 21 and applauds the Mayors attempt to take a small step towards easing the pain that the proposed rewrite would levy on the wallets of Anchorage home buyers; I find Tuesday’s letter short sighted and offensive.


I don’t think that we should call the Mayor’s efforts to NOT price our work force out of the housing market a “Body Blow”.  Nor do I think it “Beautifies Anchorage” to promote a land use code that raises cost without providing value thus encouraging it’s workforce to commute from the Valley.


One size fits all solutions don’t really work and will discourage creative design.  The Architects, Engineers and Homebuilders supporting the Mayor’s revision of T21 are the same people volunteering to clean the ROW, coaching youth sports, passing you on the trail up Flattop and writing this letter.  We don’t want to ruin Anchorage and believe me when I say that the Mayor took a step in the right direction.

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